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"He was the love of her life and she was his, the one you never get over, the one that changes you and breaks you forever, you will be in love again but remember a love like that never ends."
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"That’s what I want to find: true love. The kind that you fight for, that you always put first. That makes you want to be good, do better. And not just with any girl, but the girl. And when I find that, that’s all I need."
Alex Pettyfer, Endless Love
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"Time helps, it is slow and it is painful but it works. Talking helps. Going out with other people, seeing friends… He’ll be like a book you read long ago… If it’s meant to be, it will be again, and if it’s not, you will wake up one day and realize you haven’t thought of him once. And then you’ll be free…"
Endless Love (movie)

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"My first love was everything all at once. The kind you never fall back from. Never try to. Never want to. A love so big, so strong, it never dies. Never fades. Never loses it’s electricity. The kind of love you fight for. The kind of boy you fight for."
Jade Butterfield, Endless Love (2014)

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O myyyyyy.
Two perfect men in one picture 😍😍

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My 20 One Tree Hill Moments That Made Me Cry | 11/20
When we find out about Sara.

"I don’t want to lose us
"You can’t erase who we were or what we had. No one can. We burned so bright together. You won’t lose that"
"I loved you so much, Sara"
"You were perfect with me, and you always will be. But now it’s time to let go"  - Clay & Sara 7x07 ‘I and Love and You’

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This is how you look at someone after writing your number down their thigh.


This is how you look at someone after writing your number down their thigh.

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